Our Own Private Universe

12 minutes, S16mm > digital, 2016

Our language is unreliable. Is meaning adding up or emptying out? Through these possible scenes we simply need these actors to play their parts in order to mask the wilting of a fiction. They talk all at once. What do they say? Which lives do they speak of? To have been is not enough for them. Our dialogue is uncertain. In the meantime, let them converse calmly, since they are incapable of keeping silent.

Preview available HERE.


Venice Film Week, Venice, IT - 2017

Defy Film Festival, Nashville, TN - 2017

Lisbon International Film Festival, Online Festival, Lisbon, PT - 2017

Chicago Underground Film Festival, Chicago, IL - 2017

Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival, Hawick, UK - 2017 


Best Underground Film at Venice Film Week - 2017

Best Underground Film at Lisbon International Film Festival - 2017