2013, 7.5 minutes, digital

Screen capture of a drift through google earth. During the drift I discovered a space that contained a glitch in which the ceilings of various buildings created this pulsing abstraction while “moving” through them. This video was “recorded” “in” “Chicago” after having moved to Milwaukee, created in one digital space while situated in another physical space. Wandering through the city, wondering about the potentialities of space, wishing and wanting a full experience of place. What you hear on the soundtrack is the code from google maps of these same locations, accessed through FireBug. An indecipherable alphabet floods the brain. Thanks to James Bridle and Ian Bogost for inspiration.

“Space is a really bad metaphor for the internet. We’ve used “cyberspace” and stuff for a while but actually it’s not a good way of thinking about it. There is no such thing as public space on the internet. And actually internet is not a space, the network is not a space, It’s like a whole other dimension… time, space, and the network… that we have to think about very differently.” — James Bridle

Preview link available HERE.


Winnipeg Underground Film Festival, Winnipeg, MB

Festival of (In)Appropriation, Los Angeles, CA

Midwest Interdisciplinary Graduate Conference, Milwaukee, WI