Microlights is screening series based in Milwaukee that specializes in contemporary film and video art, curated by Ben Balcom & Jesse McLean. Since 2013 Microlights has hosted a diverse array of film/video artists from around the world. To see a full list of the artists we have presented, please visit microlightscinema.com.

At Microlights, we are passionate about experimental, critical, and un-conventional forms of cinema. We present screenings roughly once a month. Typically the artist is present and able to engage with the audience directly via their introduction, a question-and-answer session following the show, and often through extended conversations afterwards. What Microlights offers is a space to seek out movies that are made with artistic intention and that provide critical and socially productive insight into our contemporary media ecology. 

All screenings are currently held at The Open. For more information about The Open, please visit https://www.nicholasfrankpubliclibrary.org/. Microlights was founded in 2013 by Ben Balcom and Josh Weissbach.