July 25th - Can’t Stand The Midwest / The Midwest Can Be Alright @ The Nightingale, Chicago, IL - http://nightingalecinema.org/cant-stand-the-midwest-the-midwest-can-be-alright-part-2/

July 14 - September 30: Microlights will be participating in the FRONT Triennial, Cleveland, OH - https://frontart.org/

May 3-7: Speculations screens at Alchemy Film & Moving Image Festival - https://alchemyfilmfestival.org.uk/

April 5: Solo exhibition at Spectral Microcinema, Stevens Point, WI - www.spectralmicrocinema.com

March 8-11:  Speculations screens at The Onion City Film Festival  - http://www.onioncity.org/